Kedgley Intermediate

Robert Luijten – Project Manager
Zlatko Zivlak – Senior Landscape Architect

Kedgley Intermediate

Client Brief

The overall vision was to take a redundant space with too much concrete and transform it into a colourful and inviting area for staff and students to enjoy. It was important that the space be relaxing and peaceful by creating a natural, lush environment surrounded by plants and greenery.
The idea was to provide two areas’; a staff only space with some privacy to enjoy a moment away from the active part of the school and a secondary area to be shared by both teachers and students.
For the staff only courtyard area, the design was to use colour and planting to create a private oasis with seating and shade surrounded by greenery for staff to enjoy during breaktimes.
The secondary area was to be a shared space, used by both teachers and students for learning outside the classroom. It was important to provide some different elements to sit on, such as outdoor beanbags, grassed areas, and timber benches, for resting before and after classes. The shared space would need tables and chairs, and shade from the sun.
Overall, this area was to be a multi-purpose space, it needed to be able to accommodate outdoor classes, smaller events, as well as everyday socialising in a relaxed natural environment.

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