Yard Drury

Robert Luijten – Project Manager
Rachel Willians – Designer

The Luijten Landscaping office / yard

The Yard

Our yard in Drury, South of Auckland is our base camp. It’s home to our office, nursery, the management team, our design department, a showroom, heaps of storage space, and let’s not forget Bella, our guardian dog.

The Nursery

Our Nursery consists of a wide variety of native and cultivated exotic plants which we use for our own projects only. The nursery allows us to grow and establish plants according to project demand and industry trends. Toughened up for the winter season we can ensure the plants we use in our projects will last and thrive well from the moment we plant them in your garden. The Nursery is also a great location for some inspiration for both our designers and the clients that visit us.

The Showroom

In our showroom we provide our clients the possibility to see (and feel) the products and materials that can be used in their future gardens. Boosting the imagination, we have a lot of our preferred supplier’s products on display to help you visualise the end result. From pool gates to artificial turf, and even parasols, we will happily advise you on all the possible elements of a garden concept.

Base Camp

At the end of the day, our yard is also what we would like to call our final destination. This small-to-medium family owned business is truly run like a family. Working together shoulder to shoulder as a team. Because it takes teamwork to make the dream work.

Since being founded by Robert and Ellis in 2000 and joined by Greg in 2013, Luijten Landscaping has enhanced the environment of homes and companies throughout Auckland.

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