Pollok Vedic Tropical Paradise

Greg Dreyer – Project Manager
Zlatko Zivlak – Senior Landscape Architect

Pollok Vedic Tropical Paradise

Client Brief

We needed a garden that fitted with the rest of our property. We have several Vedic temples (made of concrete) and a lot of marble Vedic statues around our estate. We have a ‘forest’ of mostly natives with an understory of Camellias, we have a bamboo forest, and we have a lot of cycads and palms. Therefore, we are extremely happy with the garden around our house, which contains an assortment of most of these plants and look handsome against our ‘Balinese’ style house. At your suggestion we have a beautiful marble Vedic statue inside the gate, as a feature with lights, as well as a large section of Balinese carved wall and two carved wall hangings also from Bali. This all goes very well together and gives us the result we wanted. We are also delighted with the outdoor kitchen, the fire, the spa, the pétanque area, the toilet and shower, and the pool area generally – our adult children and all their friends, as well as our grandchildren, make extensive use of it, and it all works well.
Client – Neil and Gaynor

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