Royal Oak School

Robert Luijten – Project Manager
Design by Luijten Landscaping

Royal Oak School

Client Brief

After the first meeting with Ross Deveraux, Principal of Royal Oak Intermediate, it was clear he wanted to address the outdoor areas to enhance the look and feel of the school. The school’s motto is ‘Enthusiastic Learning through life’ and surroundings play a large part in being enthusiastic about learning. A few areas were earmarked as most important; the entrance area, path up to the office, and an area between two buildings for outdoor classrooms. The designs for the areas were created and welcomed with enthusiasm. The first garden was installed in the school holidays, so as not to disturb pupils and teachers while in class. The transformation of a dull, grassed entry was transformed with a basalt block wall and a corten steel sign cut-out with the school’s name and logo. The beautiful, curved wall and sign are a very welcome addition to the entrance area and have been softened with mainly native planting to complement the existing Pohutukawa trees. The three trees behind the wall are columnar oaks to reflect the school’s name, Royal Oak.

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