The Gardens School

Greg Dreyer – Project Manager
Jessica Liddle – Senior Landscape Designer

The Gardens School

Client Brief

The client had a clear idea of what they wanted the space to become, this was an experiential learning area. A central space in the school but isolated from the main flow of student traffic providing a place for the children to explore, learn and experience a very different type of playground. The school principal had a vision from the start for a play area with a fairy garden theme. A place where the children will feel like they are small fairies exploring in the garden dwarfed by the large scale of the recreated natural elements. Creativity and resourcefulness were required by the project manager to find suitable materials which needed to be hardy and able to withstand the regular use of many children.  It was lovely to work with a principal who is passionate about her school, who understands what her pupils love and need and is willing to bring that to life.

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