Wiri Central School

Robert Luijten – Project Manager
Design by Luijten Landscaping

Wiri Central School

Client Brief

After a meeting with Jan Donaldson, Principal of Wiri Central School, it was very clear that the school wanted to create a welcoming feel for all students, parents, teachers, and visitors. After a tour of the school grounds the first areas to be addressed were the entrance to the office, parking area, and driveway leading up to these areas. A few requests were made; please retain a special rock at the entrance area, and can we have some seating for visitors and parents at the entrance area. Mrs. Donaldson would like to be able to cross from her office to the parking lot while keeping the office private, and some roses with sentimental value needed to be retained. The designs for the areas were created and welcomed with enthusiasm. Most of the gardens were installed in the school holidays so as not to disturb pupils and teachers while in class. The transformation of a dull, grassed entry and parking area to a tropical theme with palm trees, rocks and lots of flowering shrubs looked amazing. The beautifully created kwila round deck with the seating around it and silk tree in the middle is a very welcome addition to the entrance area. The look and feel of Wiri Central School has been greatly enhanced by the first few gardens and we are looking forward to working with them on their next project.

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